A new dimension in waterjet surgery

ERBEJET 2 The ERBEJET 2 dissects sharply and precisely with minimal trauma to fibrin–rich structures such as vessels, nerves and ducts. Surgeons have commented on the enhanced anatomic visibility, uncovering structures with the ERBEJET 2 not commonly identified using other techniques –– including blunt dissection. The ultimate in precision and tissue-selectivity, they often use the ERBEJET 2 to define anatomy and dissection planes prior to transection.

This device produces no heat, making it the ultimate tool for difficult dissection.

Part Number 10150-000

ERBEJET 2 Advantages

  • Selectively dissects, sparing vessels, nerves and ducts
  • Potential to minimize blood loss*
  • Enables better visualization of vital structures
  • Reduces trauma to surrounding tissue
  • Used in both open and laparoscopic procedures
  • Precisely, accurately targets tissue for dissection
  • No thermal damage
  • Minimized hemorrhage
  • Space-efficient design can be ceiling-mounted
  • Compatible with Erbe VIO® systems and APC™ 2
*Clinical data available upon request

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Technical data

Mains connection

System voltage 120 - 240 V
Power frequency 50 / 60 Hz

Dimensions and weight

Weight 11 kg

Additional product information

Communication Bus Erbe Communication Bus (ECB)
Packaging unit 1 Piece


Classification acc. to 93/42 EWG IIb
Protection category acc. to EN 60 601-1 I
Type acc. to EN 60 601-1 CF