EIP 2 - Erbe Irrigation Pump

Designed especially for the GI Endoscopist

EIP 2 The Erbe EIP 2 provides a pulsatile jet of sterile water for rinsing substances such as blood and fecal matter from the procedural site and instruments.

Part Number 10325-000


  • Works in open and endoscopic procedures - Allows delivery of pressurized lavage for improved visualization in difficult procedures.
  • Uses only disposable ERBEFLO accessories for optimum time savings - Eliminates bottle and tubing reprocessing.
  • Pre-set buttons offer customized flow rates - Flow rate can be programmed and adjusted in 1% increments for best effect.
  • Clear flow rate display - Flow rate display helps facilitate easy changes.
  • High volume irrigation - The EIP 2 can deliver up to 500 ml/minute.

Reusable Accessories for EIP 2

Single Pedal Footswitch
Single Pedal Footswitch

Fastening Set for VIO®Cart

Fastening Set for Universal Cart

Water Bottle Holder

Mounting Screws for Generator Cart

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Technical data

Mains connection

Power frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Potential equalization connection yes

Additional product information

Packaging unit 1 Piece


Classification acc. to 93/42 EWG IIa
Protection category acc. to EN 60 601-1 I
Type acc. to EN 60 601-1 CF