ERBEFLO CleverCap[®]

2-in-1 Two functions in one cap

ERBEFLO CleverCap Introducing a unique innovation from Erbe. The ERBEFLO CleverCap® Hybrid Tubing/Cap Set provides a single source for the air/water connection (lens cleaning) as well as irrigation (flushing) from the same water bottle.

U.S. Part Number 20325-201

Faetures and Benefits

  • Unique hybrid set utilizes a single disposable water bottle source
  • More cost effective - no need for 2 bottles
  • 24-hour use tubing set
  • Back flow valve reduces risks of cross contamination/infection
  • Facilitates delivery of fluid from hybrid system for endoscope lens cleaning
  • Facilitates irrigation and lavage of debris within the gastrointestinal tract
  • Universal bottle cap connections ensure secure adaptation to water bottle source
  • Universal single tubing set eliminates multiple inventory
  • Optimizes delivery from commercially available pumps

Accessories for ERBEFLO CleverCap®

Hybrid Tubing/Cap Set for Olympus® Model 160 and 180 Series Scopes 20325-201
Hybrid Tubing/Cap Set for Pentax® Scopes 20325-202
Endoscopy Port Connector for Olympus Model 160 and 180 Series Scopes (24-hour use) 20325-211
Endoscopy Port Connector w/ Valve for OlympusModel 160 and 180 Series Scopes (single use) 20325-215
Endoscopy Port Connector for Pentax® Scopes (24-hour use) 20325-212
Endoscopy Port Connector w/Valve for Pentax® Scopes (single use) 20325-216
Endoscopy Channel Adapter (single use) 20325-213
Back Flow Valve (single use) 20325-214