Integrity and compliance

The compliance system of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH - Compliance

We are a globally valued and reliable provider of products and services in the field of medical technology. The doctor’s task is the benchmark of how we think and act. In collaboration with leading clinics, we are searching for innovative, practice-oriented and safe applications.

As an internationally established company, we are aware of the responsibility for the actions of all staff of our company group as well as our sales partner.

Compliance with legal and ethic standards is important to us. We are committed to fair and free competition and use this to ensure the sustainable success of our company.

Code of Conduct Code of conduct

With our compliance system, we are committed to fair and free competition.

These principles are summarized in our code of conduct .
Anti-Corruption Anticorruption

Our staff keep strictly to our anticorruption program. This principle applies in all countries and for all staff.

Our explanatory film on the subject of anticorruption at Erbe

Anti-Trust Law Antitrust law

All staff comply with the rules of free and fair competition.

Our explanatory film on the subject of antitrust law at Erbe