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Code of conduct of Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH

Our employees are expressly committed to upholding the law. We also expect this from our business partners worldwide.

Our promise

No Erbe employees engage in any business transactions that are clearly intended to evade laws or the rules of conduct of our company. Good teamwork between all employees is characterized by mutual respect as well as open and honest interaction with each other. The personal dignity of the individual is always observed. This naturally also applies to interaction with our business partners in all countries. Our managers are models for all employees. They always uphold the interests of the company, including its economic success. Our good reputation is based on the integrity of the company through exemplary and legally compliant competitive conduct. Business activity to the benefit of everyone over the long-term can only exist on the basis of fair and free competition, and when laws are rigorously upheld.

Our employees strictly adhere to our anticorruption program. We therefore request that our business partners abstain from offering gifts or other advantages. This principle applies in all countries and for all employees.

Erbe respects the laws to control international payment transactions and the flow of goods. Country, goods, or person-specific export restrictions (“embargos”), as well as other export control regulations are always considered and respected.

Protecting people also requires protecting the environment. Erbe is committed to preserving natural resources during manufacturing, to avoiding waste, and to developing modern, resource-preserving products. Protecting people also includes protecting our employees. A safe and healthy work environment is a matter of course for us.

Protecting confidentiality is always an overriding priority when handling the data of our employees, business partners and patients. Confidential information must be protected against unauthorized access by others. Personal information is only collected, processed, or used when this is required for a clearly defined purpose. The rights to access, correct, object against, deny access to and delete information are upheld.

All employees uphold the rules of free and fair competition. We do not collude with competitors to fix prices, terms, or the allocation of customers and markets. Erbe holds a strong position in the global market due to the technological advancement of its products, customer orientation in consultation and service, and due to competitive prices. We also select our suppliers according to these standards. The internal organization of our company takes account of the objectives of this code of conduct.