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Flexible cryoprobe, single-use

Flexible cryoprobe, single-use, ø 1.1 mm, length 1.15 m, with oversheath, length 817 mm


REF No.: 20402-401

• The ERBECRYO® 2 unit together with flexible single-use probes is the next generation of Erbe cryo technology that is designed with a focus on reproducibility and handling:

  • Improved freezing performance
  • Improved standardization
  • Consistent target tissue effects

• Target tissue can be frozen to the cryoprobe en face and tangentially, enabling clinical applications in challenging anatomy and hard to reach target areas

• Cryo technology does not require reduced oxygen concentration levels compared to “hot” techniques like Electrosurgery, APC® or laser

• Biopsies with higher quality compared with flexible forceps biopsies

  • Higher diagnostic yield
  • Bigger biopsies
  • Better biopsy (very few crush artifacts or internal bleeding within the sample; the morphological structure remains intact)

• Expanded compatibilities (e.g. mini bronchoscopes and navigation catheters) and enhanced clinicalutility due to miniaturization

• Consistent target tissue effects

• Improved reproducibility and standardization

• No reprocessing (saves time and cost, reduces risk of cross contamination)

• Enhanced shape memory

• Slim, light and enhanced ergonomic design

• Redesigned plug for ease of connection and disconnection

• Architecture which supports positioning by easy identification under fluoroscopic guidance

• Removal tool can be used to release a biopsy from the cryoprobe (helps to standardize and expedite the biopsy process)

• 1.1 mm cryoprobe with oversheath: no removal of the bronchoscope necessary

• Enhanced compatibility and clinical utility, for example with navigation catheters and bronchoscopes with a 1.2 mm working channel

• Atraumatic oversheath supports a quick and easy retrieval of the biopsy through the bronchoscope

• Protects the biopsy and supports a high quality of the specimen

• Protects the bronchoscope against the thermal influence of the cryoprobes and the mechanical pressure of the frozen biopsies

• Extraction method with the 1.1mm probe and the oversheath is intended to provide the following advantages for the user:

  • Extraction of the biopsy through the oversheath in the working channel of the bronchoscope
  • Permanent visual control of the target area
  • Shorter reaction times in complication management (e.g. bleeding)

• Improved application convenience:

  • In combination with the oversheath , biopsies can be removed through the working channel of a therapeutic bronchoscope (working channel ≥ 2.8mm) with the 1.1mm cryoprobe
  • The bronchoscope does not have to be removed in total from the target area during cryoextraction anymore
  • With the bronchoscope left in place, the physician can maintain visual control throughout the entire procedure.

• Multiadapter for easy application:

  • Used to secure the oversheath and enables easy connection to standard bronchoscopes. It can be connected easily with the bronchoscope’s working channel and holds a seal throughout the procedure
  • With the oversheath extracted, suction and the insertion of flexible instruments is always enabled by an integrated seal
  • Allows the connection and use of conventional and Luer syringes