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Flexible cryo technology with focus on reproducibility


• The ERBECRYO® 2 unit together with flexible, single-use probes is the next generation of Erbe cryo technology that is designed with a focus on reproducibility:

  • Improved freezing performance
  • Improved standardization
  • Consistent target tissue effects

• Target tissue can be frozen to the cryoprobe en face and tangentially, enabling clinical applications in challenging anatomy and hard-to-reach target areas

• Cryo technology does not require reduced oxygen concentration levels compared to “hot” techniques like Electrosurgery, APC® or laser

• Biopsies with higher quality compared with flexible forceps biopsies

  • Higher diagnostic yield
  • Bigger biopsies
  • Better biopsy (very few crush artifacts or internal bleeding within the sample; the morphological structure remains intact)

• The ERBECRYO® 2 provides several new features intended to improve clinical convenience for the user and to support state of the art clinical results

• Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas only:

  • helps to standardize clinical results worldwide with a non narcotic, user friendly gas

• Flow control - improved reproducibility:

  • provides just as much gas as the probe needs to reach its maximum freezing power, for every probe size
  • saves gas and provides reproducible freezing results which supports standardization

• Plug and operate - system communication:

  • the system automatically detects the size of the probe
  • flow control sets the right parameters for an optimal freezing result based on probe size
  • gas bottle and footswitch connections are actively monitored

• Error management - system feedback:

  • plug and operate feature detects malfunctioning connections of all components which lowers time of searching for Errors
  • flow control can detect malfunctions of the unit and the probes which helps to identify the source of failures

• Timer - clinical standardization:

  • provides visual and acoustic feedback of the freezing time
  • supports standardization and reproducibility (freezing time is a highly relevant factor of cryo target tissue effect)

• Design - improved convenience:

  • socket design allows the connection of the cryoprobes with just one push
  • digital display gives the user an overview of all important working parameters