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ERBEFLO CleverCap® CO2

3-in-1 Three functions in one cap

ERBEFLO CleverCap® CO₂ Hybrid Tubing Sets combine 3 functionalities into a single tubing set using a single disposable sterile water bottle for user-friendliness:

  • Insufflation
  • Endoscopic lens rinsing
  • Irrigation

  • 24-hour multi-patient use ERBEFLO Tubing Sets can be used for endoscopic treatment of multiple patients within one operating day up to 24 hours, thus reducing reprocessing needs and set-up time for each patient
  • Not made with DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate).
  • Permanently bonded indwelling backflow valves and air-tight, hermetic design to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection
  • ERBEFLO tubing sets are designed to provide a short response time in the objective lens cleaning function of the endoscope
  • Medical grade peristaltic tubing design ensures optimized flow characteristics in combination with an Erbe EIP™ 2 Irrigation Pump
  • ERBEFLO CleverCap CO₂ Hybrid Tubing Sets with Direct Connect™ and CO₂ Connector Tubes include a hydrophobic filter to mitigate the unwanted flow of particles from CO₂ source and fluid into CO₂ source
  • Facilitate visualization within the gastrointestinal tract, e.g. identification of bleeding origin, by irrigation, lavage of debris and washing of mucosal surface, and by delivery of fluid for endoscopic lens washing
  • Durable cap design of ERBEFLO CleverCap CO₂ Hybrid Tubing Sets with universal gasket ensures secure connection and compatibility with most common disposable sterile water bottles*
  • Enhanced ease of use: Unique Dip Clip™ design facilitates easy insertion of hybrid tubes into disposable sterile water bottle; Easy to follow arrows aid in set-up with gastrointestinal irrigation pump; Weighted tube with groove design allows maximum water usage from disposable sterilewater bottle; Pinch clamp ensures the complete prevention of water flow as needed
  • ERBEFLO CleverCap CO₂ Hybrid Tubing Sets are compatible with most common gastrointestinal endoscopes, most common gastrointestinal irrigation pumps and sterile water bottles, and with most common gastrointestinal CO₂ insufflation units* 

* as specified in Notes on Use

U.S. part number 20325-206
CAN part number 20325-306

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Olympus® Scopes

U.S. part number 20325-239
CAN part number 20325-339

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Olympus® Scopes & CO2 Sources

CO2 Connector Tube

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Olympus® Scopes & UCR

ERBEFLO® Olympus® Scope Port Connector

U.S. part number 20325-207
CAN part number 20325-307

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Pentax® Scopes

U.S. part number 20325-240
CAN part number 20325-340

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Olympus® Scopes & UCR

Endoscopy Channel Adapter (single use)

Endo Quick Connect Olympus® Scopes Port Connector (single use)

U.S. part number 20325-208
CAN part number 20325-308

Hybrid CO2 Tubing/Cap Set for Fujinon® Scopes

U.S. part number 20325-248
CAN part number 20325-348

ERBEFLO CleverCap® Hybrid CO₂ Tubing/Cap Set for Fujifilm® Scopes

Back Flow Valve (single use)

Olympus® CO2 Connector Tube