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APC® 3

Powered by VIO® 3

REF No. 10135-000

The newest evolution of Argon Plasma Coagulation.

  • Argon plasma coagulation is a monopolar electrosurgical modality that delivers electrosurgical energy to target tissue via conductive, ionized argon plasma
  • APC® is used for the coagulation of diffuse bleeding and the ablation of tissue through vaporization and shrinkage
  • Non-contact modality that can be applied in axial, lateral or radial fashion, depending on the probe architecture and indication
    - No adhesion to target tissue coagulum can lower the incidence of re-bleeds
    - Facilitates expanded utility around challenging anatomy
    - May allow coagulation and ablation across larger surfaces
    - Effective on high impedance tissue
  • Rapid superficial coagulation for uniform hemostasis and ablation
  • Ablative volume reduction (e.g., large airway mass, anastomotic diameter) can be achieved via higher settings and longer activation times as deemed appropriate
  • Advantages of argon-assisted electrosurgery
    - Minimum carbonization and smoke plume development provides an improved view of the operating field and minimizes pollution through unpleasant odo
    - Variable argon flow for various applications
  • The VIO® 3 and APC® 3 workstation system was engineered and designed with the optimal application of both argon plasma coagulation (APC®) and argon-assisted electrosurgery in mind.
  • All APC® and electrosurgery modes are selected and activated via the VIO® display.
  • Space-efficient design and small footprint reduces space requirements and provides enhanced portability
  • VIO® 3 stepGUIDE interface with preprogrammed experienced starting settings for APC® applications
  • Plug and operate: Digital instrument recognition technology automatically configures the system to preprogrammed settings and instrument-specific parameters. Insert the instrument and start the APC® application immediately
  • ReMode® function: Allows users to toggle between up to 6 subprograms directly from the procedural field without changing instruments


The VIO® 3/APC® 3 offers three improved argon plasma coagulation modes with new optimized adjustment parameters to cover a unique range of target tissue effects – from superficial coagulation to substantial mass reduction (debulking):

  • forcedAPC®: Effective, fast, “standard” argon plasma coagulation with ignition assistance for reliable and reproducible plasma ignition in the ever-changing environment of resistance variables
  • preciseAPC®: Fine argon plasma coagulation with well controllable hemostasis at the tissue surface, largely independent of the distance between applicator and tissue; more precise parameters at lower effect settings; less depth and diameter of thermal effect at higher effect settings
  • pulsedAPC®: Controlled argon plasma coagulation with reduced energy input from pulses; slow setting (short individual pulses) allows more focused (less diffuse) ionized plasma for static applications in the treatment of smaller, more superficial areas, as well as thermos-sensitive and/or thin-walled structures; fast setting (higher frequency of pulses) for treatment of diffuse, superficial anatomy and for the ablation and volume reduction of target tissue using static applications for a longer period of time